Intelligent Supply Chain

JUSDA JusLink Smart Supply Chain
Real-time Collaboration Platform

JusLink is driving the linking of the entire supply chain network through digital-driven smart manufacturing collaboration supply chain solutions, thereby realizing the collaboration of business networks between upstream and downstream partners across the entire network. It has built a multi-level and comprehensive linkage system.

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Panoramic view

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Efficient collaboration

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JusLink Smart Supply Chain Real-time Collaboration platform Interface

JusLink Value

Based on the smart supply chain system, JusLink smart system platform comprehensively supports the supply chain management and operation services of JUSDA’s internal  and external customer information systems, and can meet highly complex and changeable customer needs  to the greatest extent in an open multi-channel environment. Suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, and customers can be integrated in the JusLink smart system platform to achieve collaboration,  so that  all parties can obtain more valuable information and data, and customers can enjoy more accurate analysis of business decisions and more efficiently utilize resources.

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Application of industrial Internet scenarios

Compared with consumer Internet, industrial Internet lays more emphasis on data, sufficient connection, data flow and integration, as well as analysis and modeling. It forms a new mode and new type of business of intelligent production, network collaboration, personalized customization and service extension essentially through the flow and analysis of data.

  • Opportunities


    1. Market trend

    Supply-side reform, Global economy, Made in China 2025



    2. Expectations for the supply chain

    Short, frequency, fast, accurate, integrated, collaborative, digital



    3. Solution

  • Strategic Thinking on Developing Industrial Internet

    Strategic Thinking on Developing Industrial Internet

    1. Establish a 3S (Short Chain/ Smart/ Symbiosis) new supply Chain platform

    2. Accelerate the establishment of smart supply chain platform with the industrial Internet technology of the Group

    3. Create smart supply chain platform, realize cross-plant, cross-industry and cross-regional connectivity through the construction of standardization, intelligentization, productization and commercialization, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

  • Vision


    Top Intelligent Supply Chain Platform in the National Industrial Internet

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