Service type deployment

Global air transportation network

And transparent international and domestic

air transportation services

We have a strong global agent network with 27 international air cargo strategic partners, and air routes covering more than 100 countries and 500 cities, and we can provide you with full-fledged direct charter flights and door-to-door service.

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  • Annual Air Volume  150,000 Ton  

  • Air    routes    to 500 cities    in 100 countries

Urgent services

JUSDA provides expedited air transportation services and follows the principle of timeliness first to quickly match direct flights and special vehicle resources,

for efficient docking services and comprehensive guarantee of air transportation timeliness.

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Standard service

JUSDA offers standard services for direct flights and transfers
by leveraging the JusLink smart cooperation platform
to provide high-quality and high-cost service combinations 

such as direct flights, transfers, carpooling, etc.

Cost – effective service combination

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Economical service

JUSDA offers economical air transportation services that match and consolidate flights and trucks, which prioritize costs and effectively ensure customer cost control.

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Chartered aircraft services

We work closely with global airlines and charter operators to cope with the sudden increase of passenger transport demand and the difficulties of passenger transport during peak seasons,
to meet passengers' charter demand for different routes, different aircraft types, and different cargoes,
and to provide them with more precise aviation services:

 • Chartering solution design
 • On-site operation, process monitoring, and dynamic tracking

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Domestic/international hand carry

JUSDA's hand carry services are available for the accurate and safe delivery of important items.
The solution prioritizes safety, adopts big data positioning and provides comprehensive and reliable escort service.

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  • More secure and broad airline channels More secure and broad airline channels

    As a member of IATA,
    JUSDA has internationally recognized financial and professional capabilities,
    and customers can enjoy an internationally high-standard air transport experience.

  • Comprehensive air transport service network Comprehensive air transport service network

    Leverages a comprehensive and mature air transport service network and standard operating procedures
    to provide accurate data, transparent prices, It can help you save  time and make you comfortable.

  • End-to-end air service End-to-end air service

    Guided by customer needs, we provide one-stop end-to-end services.
    JUSDA is in complete control of the demand of each air transport service link
    and has exceeded customers’ expectations.

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