Service type deployment

The cloud warehouse can help you

upgrade your goods storage management

to a whole new level.

JUSDA has access to more than 200 warehouse locations worldwide, covering 600 cities.
With the JusLink smart platform, you don’t have to worry about any problems of warehouse allocation
and you can follow up the status of your goods in real time, enabling you to conduct all activities with ease.
Focus on your core competency while we focus on the Cloud Warehouse. Trust us!

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  • Total   area   of  2500000 + (square   meters)

  • 600 + urban   coverage

  • 200 + global   warehouse   locations

VMI/CMI/JIT/central warehouse

JUSDA's professional team provide you with supply chain demand analysis,
unified management of VMI/CMI/JIT/central warehouses,
and tailormade manufacturing line side warehouse services.
Our VMI management system with independent intellectual property rights can help you seamlessly connect.

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i-Warehousing Cloud Warehouse

JUSDA Cloud Warehouse has network bases all over the world,

providing big data platform, automatic warehousing,
intelligent transport, and distribution supply chain finance.

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  • Innovation management Innovation management
    1.  Electronic billboard visual management
    2.  Terminal arrival booking function
    3.  RF paperless warehousing
    4.  Electronic label/voice picking system
  • Qualification certification Qualification certification
    1.  Certified by TAPA Transportation Asset Protection Association
    2.  C-TPAT US Counter-Terrorism Certification
    3.  ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • Competitive advantages Competitive advantages
    1.  A highly experienced warehouse planning and process design team
    2.  Intelligent warehouse management system; a comprehensive system information docking solution
    3.  Multisite A-class customs qualification legal person; innovative customs operation mode
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